Welcome all to this wonderful blog-to-be.

The aim is to create a page where anyone can find something they like to read, or even criticize, help others grow, and have fun.

Stories that are being written will be chopped into chapters so that it is easier to follow what is going on, and of course, it will be possible to leave a comment with suggestions. Over time a full story will be posted too, meaning that it will be possible to convert it into something more meaningful.

The weekly column is something I always liked to do and was inspired by many such authors. Basically, it is a weekly topic that I give my personal and unbiased opinion and hopefully critically satirize.

The writing struggles is meant as a helping hand for anyone struggling with becoming better at their craft, as well as to help myself learn along the way.

Something to boast about 🙂 https://issuu.com/refreshmarketing/docs/ryl-septembar

Hey guys, since there are quite a number of people reading, I would appreciate if you left some feedback, to help me grow and to make things better around here! Okay, thanks, bye.


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