Another Published Article!

Hey guys! I have been busy doing some writing on the side and it paid off because I'm in a magazine, again! This is the 50th issue so it is special, and let's make it even more special by reading it thoroughly, especially the article on pages 130-131. https://issuu.com/refreshmarketing/docs/ryl_maj_2019/130

Weekly Column


Over the years, as you get older, you realize that your energy levels are beginning to dwindle and you feel like whatever you do tires you no matter what. However, some people seem to have a pool of stamina that just won’t deplete. They seem like they have energy not only to spare but to… Continue reading Inexhaustible

Weekly Column

The Indifference to Apathy

Why are some people less interested in what goes around them than others? Is it because we are taught that minding our own business is better than sticking our noses into other’s businesses? Probably there is something to it, however, it has more to do with how little concern we have towards almost everything around… Continue reading The Indifference to Apathy

Weekly Column

Personally Satisfied

Life is full of mishaps that shape you without you wanting for them to happen and no matter what, you have to pretend that you’re happy about them. However, are you satisfied? Can you really, honestly, truly, say that you are happy with what you have? Because if you can’t, then it’s time to change… Continue reading Personally Satisfied


The Tale of an Adventurer

At the Dragon’s Claw inn, it was a rather busy night, there were adventurers coming in and out because of the big news that the dwarven king has decided to finally challenge a brave warrior for the fabled Crimson Ruby; a legendary gem that is worth more than a million gold pieces. Anyone who wishes… Continue reading The Tale of an Adventurer

Weekly Column

You Can Find Me In My Traces

Who or what are we? It is not easy to answer because the question itself is complex. More pressing is the matter of what we leave behind and if did something noteworthy in life. You are more of a collection of memories, actions, and emotions than you would think. The eternal question we all ask… Continue reading You Can Find Me In My Traces

Weekly Column

Are You Strong Willed

If you want to achieve something great in life there’s no other way to do than to have at it and finish it as soon as possible. Nobody is waiting around the corner to give you what you want. Most often, though, people fail at even getting on with the first step because they’re lacking… Continue reading Are You Strong Willed